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Article: Bluem X TOTUM Naturopathy

Bluem X TOTUM Naturopathy

We welcome you to take your self love journey even deeper, deep below the surface. Join us as we walk you through our newest offering…introducing Bluem x TØTUM. Bluem x TØTUM is a Naturopathy portal waiting to support your skin from the inside out, and outside in, bringing skin wisdom and naturopathy consultations straight you.  Let our qualified Naturopaths from TØTUM hold space for you to feel heard and supported, with understanding and compassion. Come away with a comprehensive understanding of your holistic health, feeling empowered to embody your happiest, healthiest, highest self.

TØTUM was born through the purpose of two qualified Naturopaths, Hunna Armstrong and Katherine Bibby, with a goal to inspire change in the way individuals view their bodies and health. Blending scientific evidence based treatment approaches and traditional teachings, Hunna & Katherine offer a space to not only heal the outermost layer of the body – the skin; but to deeply connect and understand yourself, healing other parts of you along the way.



An introductory offering into the world of Naturopathy and holistic healing that will take you beneath the skin’s surface and is the perfect initiation into deepening your relationship with your skin, holistically.  You will come away from the session with a deeper understanding of your skin, your body and yourself on a holistic level with specific rituals and achievable lifestyle guidance to support you to feel your best from the inside out, and outside in.



Gift yourself the love and nourishment you deserve with the ultimate self care Saturday at Greenhouse Bathhouse. Join us for a serene soak session, a sacred skin care ritual with Bluem Founder, Montana Lower, a stretch and flow movement ritual followed by a guided visualisation with Ellie Halo, and a skin wisdom workshop held by our in house naturopaths, the Totum girls, where you will be given an in depth guide on how to care for your skin from the inside out. Leave the weight of the world at the door and step into your divine nature, where you can release, renew and rejuvenate. 

You are held here. 

Please head to our Bluem Self Love Store to secure your spot.


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