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Bluem was founded when Montana Lower was first pregnant with her daughter, Blue. While leading a natural lifestyle immersed in activism for years, she came to the alarming realisation that many of the active skincare she had been using were unable to be used while pregnant. 

On her journey to find an alternative, natural solution, that still achieved the results she was used to, she found it was incredibly difficult. The key things she was looking for were..

- Natural ingredients in their purest most potent form
- Traceability
- Female founded
- Generous give back program
- Sustainability inherent in it's design
- Connection to australian natives and traditional owners

It was never Montana’s intention to create a skincare line, but when she saw how rare it was to be able to find all of these things, she realised this was something she wanted to offer to the world and to continue her activist work in this way.


Montana’s background is in environmental engineering as well as passionate activism and being a spokesperson for notable sustainable brands.

Montana was invited to the United Nations headquarters in New York to lead the world’s largest animal testing campaign in history (over 8 million signatures to end animal testing in cosmetics).

Montana has investigated the reality of fair trade and traceable ingredients by visiting rural communities in Ghana and Cambodia.

Gained extra qualifications in humanitarian engineering through a scholarship program in Cambodia, designing innovative infrastructure aligned with traditional methods.

Montana was one of the original leading sustainability activists on social media before 'sustainability was cool'.

But the experience that Montana believes helped the most in forming Bluem was growing up in a world that has such extreme and limited beauty standards. Nowadays for Montana, Bluem is a vessel to help heal the earth, understanding that skincare is just the starting point, with dreams to move into sustainable self care solutions for everyday needs. Her ultimate mission is healing the relationship between self worth and our earth.