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INBLUEM is a brand built on a philosophy of clean beauty, transparency and integrity. We draw from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to present a beauty line that encourages self love and true sustainability. From seed to skin, we’ve worked to minimise the impact on our planet by only using pure, potent and locally sourced ingredients while tracing the supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable harvest practices are emphasised throughout our entire product line.


At the core of our mission lies the powerful concept of rewilding, a transformational approach that calls for a return to the industry's innate connection with the Earth. It's a call to break free from conventional practices, urging us to adopt ethical methodologies that prioritise the welfare of both consumers and the planet we inhabit. We stand firmly in favour of transparent sourcing, ensuring that every ingredient we utilise is responsibly and ethically sourced. This commitment extends through our entire supply chain, fostering a symbiotic relationship with nature and the communities we collaborate with.



INBLUEM embodies a philosophy that transcends the realm of natural skincare. It's a profound way of being, an embrace of love, and a journey towards rediscovering your authentic self in harmony with the natural world.

In the realm of INBLUEM, you're encouraged to "breathe yourself full" — a practice that goes beyond the surface, delving into a deeper sense of self and well-being. It's a sanctuary of healing where you can awaken your intuition and recognise that real beauty radiates from within. This intrinsic beauty is a light that emanates from your soul and is something you can graciously share with others as you dance throughout the earth. We invite you to embrace this philosophy, allowing it to guide you on a path of holistic well-being and interconnectedness with both yourself and the world we inhabit.



Meet Montana Lower, the visionary founder at the heart of INBLUEM. Fuelled by a deep passion for healing and transformation, her diverse journey from environmental engineering to activism has sculpted INBLUEM's essence. INBLUEM emerged from Montana's commitment to ethical manufacturing, aiming to restore our connection with nature and rewrite the beauty narrative. Inspired during her pregnancy, Montana sought skincare alternatives aligned with her values, encountering hurdles that fuelled her determination.

INBLUEM stands as a beacon for radical change, embodying her activist spirit and championing pure, potent natural ingredients, traceability, female foundership, and sustainability. Montana's advocacy against animal testing and her dedication to fair trade showcase her relentless pursuit of ethical practices, making INBLUEM a nurturing space that harmonises self-worth with healing our planet—a vision set to evolve into sustainable self-care solutions for the wellbeing of all.