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This week Bluem turns three and to celebrate we’re taking a heartfelt moment to reflect on our beautiful journey so far. From a humble beginning in a bus in the middle of nowhere, Bluem has since been embraced by over 30,000 beautiful souls who've trusted in nature's healing wisdom and joined us on our mission to rewild the beauty industry.

Together, we've contributed over $60,000 to causes close to our hearts - missions that fuel our passion for humanitarian and sustainability efforts. What truly fills our hearts are the 3000+ five-star reviews from you proving that nature is the solution.Thank you to our treasured community whose kindness and support have been our guiding light throughout this entire journey.

Looking to the future in Bluem

Bluem was always designed with the intention to be a vessel  to heal our people and the earth, as we reflect on the last three years of growth we can't help but thank you for making this truly possible. Together we are creating the change we need to see in the world through this profit for purpose business model. Never did we think that two little bottles full of nature's wisdom would take us this far and we assure you that this is only the beginning of rewilding the beauty industry.


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