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Article: Closing the door on this chapter

Closing the door on this chapter



If you have been along for the Bluem journey for a while, you may have sensed the subtle whispers of a transformative change. Essentially - We have been deep in the realms of investigating the most potent impact we can make to bring harmony back to the world, and ourselves. We have come a long way since the humble beginnings of sending self poured bottles from a moving bus home.. As we expand, so too does our ability to make a considerable impact on this world.. And we want to make sure we are constantly re-meeting ourselves moment to moment to ensure we are servicing our community the best we can.  Rewilding the beauty industry while reconnecting people to themselves and the earth is no small feat as there is so much societal conditioning and deep unconscious belief systems to unravel and wade through. We have been busy at work reevaluating, redefining, and re-imagining. We realised that if we want to take this as far as it can go, discovering truly sustainable self care solutions for everyday needs and ultimately, heal the relationship between self worth and our earth, that it is time to grow and evolve.

Next week we launch our next chapter, the chapter that will allow us to expand Bluems reach and potential to continue on our mission to help heal the people and planet. So with that, I would like to take this opportunity to close the door on this last chapter and invite you to join us with your eyes and heart wide open as we evolve  synergistically into this next season of Bluem.
Bluem has been profit for purpose (PFP) since day one. A PFP business is unique (even though it shouldn’t be) where profits are used to invest in the betterment of people and the planet. The movement we have created together with Bluem has proven that sustainable, slow business can be wildly successful without sacrificingon value, intention, and creativity; for us and others. Every review reminds us we are on the right track and lights our fire to never give up on our mission.

The reason we haven’t released our dream SPF or any products (yet) in addition to the hero’s you have had since the beginning, is because honestly, we haven’t found a level of integrity that meets our standards of true sustainability and the seed to skin story of every single ingredient required for our creations. This journey has highlighted to us how far the beauty industry still has to go in terms of traceability and highly potent ingredients. It’s been a bumpy, windy road to get here, one that we are sure we are still very much at the beginning of, but slowly slowly, piece by piece, we are forging new pathways and discovering truly ethical and sustainable ingredients and partnerships to make our vision possible. In making these discoveries, it is our dream and mission to share them with the industry, so that we all may rise together and make REAL, traceable, non toxic ingredients the norm.

Through collective action, shared values and united efforts we can create the change we want to see in the world and become better custodians for our earth. This isn't a pipe dream, it's rooted in reality. Change doesn't come solely from making noise on social media, although that's definitely a piece of the puzzle. It's about forging real connections with our community, understanding their pulse, their language, their desires. How can we make them feel seen and heard? How can we inspire them to step forward towards a brighter future?

To us, Bluem is more than just a business/brand, it's a living philosophy shaped by a community of conscious individuals. We're done with empty mass marketing tactics and the blind pursuit of profit. We're charting a different course, one where our values shine through every touchpoint, and our choices impact an entire generation - bringing people back into harmony with themselves and the earth around them.
So with that, I would like to take this opportunity to close the door on this last chapter and invite you to join us with your eyes and heart wide open as we evolve and expand into this next season of Bluem. And rewild the beauty industry, together.

Photography by @ethanjwrightt

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