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Article: Watch our Full Moon Global Gathering

Watch our Full Moon Global Gathering


Last Friday evening we hosted our Full Moon in Aquarius online Global Gathering with the incredible Amy Lea. Hundreds of beautiful souls joined us in self love, meditation, a Bluem skin ritual, journaling, reflection and connection; we feel so incredibly grateful that we were all able to come together for such a magical experience. For those of you who couldn’t attend the Full Moon Ritual live, we would love to share with you a replay of the evening. Although we were celebrating the Full Moon in Aquarius, we would love for you to return to our Global Gathering for future lunation’s to dive deep into the magic of the moon and how to uncover its potency to serve your highest self. Create a sacred space, light a candle, grab your journal and take a deep breath ~ you are held here.


Firstly, we invite you to journal and write down any prominent thoughts or feelings that you felt in the ritual. We also would like to invite you to revisit these prompts whenever you are feeling called to reflect and release.
Over the last 6-months, have you noticed any patterns, behaviours or circumstances that have held you back from pursuing or achieving your goals? 
Is there anywhere in life that you have felt particularly stuck or inhibited?
Where in your life are you seeking revolution and liberation? 
What patterns and beliefs are you ready to release in order to liberate yourself? 
(write as a declaration “I am ready to release”)
What inessential needs are you ready to release and purge?
(write as a declaration “I am ready to release”)

It is now time to release, surrender and let go of anything that is holding you back from becoming your highest self. Amy encourages  you (safely) burn your journal prompts and bury the ashes under the light of the full moon. You are now handing this energy over to the universe and the earth to take care of. If you would like to dive deeper into the magic surrounding the lunar cycles, your own personal astrology or your Human Design, please head to


Magic imagery captured by on Gubbi Gubbi Land.

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