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Article: Malara Rise ~ Muse Spotlight

Malara Rise ~ Muse Spotlight

Forming deeper connections with our community and Country inspires our continued exploration of self, love and the natural world. Which is why it was so special to be joined by Stef and Brit Noffke on Minjerribah to explore their relationship to their land, each other and ritual. Bundjalung women, artists, models and nature enthusiasts, Stef and Brit, are the founders of Malara Rise ~ their art journey created to celebrate storytelling, and their connection to their culture and people. Malara Rise, translates to ‘People’ rise in Yugarapul and Yugambeh language, a sentiment that resonates so deeply with our collective journey for a more ethical and sustainable future.



Plants, trees, sand, soil 

It’s spirit affected by 

my presence

And there by mine affected 

by theirs




The wind brushing the hair on the skin

Finger prints touching the ridges on the leaves 


Country is my strong 

Country is my soft 

Country is my vulnerable 

Mountain crest 

Belly rest


Skin to skin 

Love to love

Wisdom to wisdom 

Truth to truth 



Ever present 



Life forces wavering 

That of the human 

And that of country 

Connection is at reach 

In fact Awaiting 

For Nature loves to teach 


My feet on this earth

walking these sacred lands

With the same body since birth 

Choosing caring hands 


Country is home 


Awakens love of self 

As a wise raw pure reflection


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