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Article: Why we celebrate Ethical Partnerships and Transparent Supply Chains that Honour Indigenous Wisdom

Why we celebrate Ethical Partnerships and Transparent Supply Chains that Honour Indigenous Wisdom

At Bluem, we recognize the paramount importance of forming ethical partnerships with transparent supply chains. Our journey into the world of Indigenous wisdom, particularly with the Bard People from Lombadina and their wild-harvested Gubinge (Kakadu Plum), is made possible through our commitment to ethical practices and value-aligned collaborations. Together with NATIVE EXTRACTS, pioneers in this domain, we embark on an extraordinary mission to uphold cultural heritage, promote sustainability, and create a harmonious blend of reciprocity and deep respect.


For us, sourcing natural ingredients from local communities, especially First Nations suppliers, is not just a choice; it's a conscious responsibility. Teaming up with NATIVE EXTRACTS, we proudly partner with a company that shares our belief in transparency throughout the supply chain and empowers First Nations growers. By fostering ethical partnerships, we ensure traditional practices are preserved, promoting fairness, and supporting communities.


Founded in 2012, NATIVE EXTRACTS leads the way in True to Nature phyto-compound profiles, delivering powerful botanical extracts while preserving nature's brilliance. Their CELLULAR EXTRACTION™ innovation encapsulates nature's evolved strategies, unlocking the potential of botanical species and providing access to natural molecules that solve real-life challenges.


The Lombadina Community, nestled in the heart of Bard Country on the Dampier Peninsula, WA, share their profound connection to the Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) and Country from seed, to skin. Their involvement in every step, from planting the seed to harvesting the Gubinge, nurtures a sustainable life support system for their community. The economic benefits of this cherished ingredient empower the Lombadina people to prosper while preserving their cultural heritage.


Transparent supply chains and ethical practices are the bedrock of Bluem's values. By forming ethical partnerships, we can positively impact Indigenous communities, celebrate their wisdom, and create beauty products that honour the earth and its inhabitants. Together, let's embrace true beauty, rooted in reverence for nature and built on ethical foundations. Through mindful choices and ethical partnerships, we weave a tapestry of beauty that nourishes both our skin and our souls.


Imagery by @deanraphael of @lombadina and @montanalower with special thanks to our ethical partner and facilitator @nativeextracts_official

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