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Article: Libran Love Letter

Libran Love Letter

Our dearest Libra, the jewel of the zodiac; your soul is made of flowers and spice, and your heart is the purest of treasures. You enchant the air around you with your serene nature and amorous energy. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, you sprinkle beauty all around as you float through your day; your alluring energy is melodic and magnetic. 

Our lover of love, and Queen of balance and peace; you have a deep reverence for harmony and possess the rare and natural gift of pure optimism. Your vitality and lively spirit is like dandelions in the wind and your energy feels like home. Thank you for always making those around you feel so comfortable and being the fair voice we need; our gentle peacemaker. Your presence can warm up any space as if you have been kissed by the sun; and the way you so effortlessly dance between your social groups, seducing all that surrounds you with your gentle charm, is magnetic.

Thank you our lovely Libra, our divinely beautiful goddess, for showing us how to be just and fair, charming and kind, and creating a harmonious atmosphere, all whilst standing up for what you believe in. The undeniable way you brighten up a room is captivating, with those you love tangled up in your magic - you have a talent for making everyone feel so worthy and wonderful.

Your presence inspires women all around to step into their feminine power with such ease, showing us it’s okay to be both the brightest star in the heavens, as well as a safe and comforting home to come back to. Thank you for sharing your sweet soul with us all; you’re like flowers in a field, a warm embrace, and the pastels on the horizon in the moments before dusk. Our natural harmoniser and most divinely precious gemstone - you are pure love, hope and beauty.

Love Bluem x

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