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Manu & Dani have both travelled the world with one foot firmly based in Sicily, their mother’s land, one in Australia, their birthplace, and they keep a piece of their hearts in New Zealand where they spent majority of their teenage years. We’re so grateful that we get to share the exploration of self, love and the natural world through the eyes of Dani - the Capricorn and the photographer, and Manu - the Taurus and muse. Both sisters stay open to the call of nature, moving, growing and chasing the wind wherever it calls them. For Manu and Dani, Self Love is Self-Less not Selfish - 

“Once you care for and love yourself first, you are preparing the way for those that wander into your lives so in turn, they can be loved truly and completely by you.”

Always surrounded by nature, they were raised by storytellers and creators. Their parents held an open door policy for all the wandering souls, friends and strangers that found their way to their home to rest their spirit and share stories of their travels. It was no surprise when both sisters pursued a nomadic lifestyle, inspired by the stories of their parents and the abundance of wonderful travellers that came through their home. Telling stories and creating, in every sense of the word is where they keep their purpose.


Manu; the Taurus. Her passion lies in the world of acting, creating characters and showcasing stories that want to be told..she finds satisfaction in stepping into roles and playing the model for creator’s visions…her cup is constantly filled by anything creative and now her cup runneth over with the love she has for her child and the constant learning and shedding that comes with stepping into the role of 'mother' in this production called 'life'.

As women we take on many roles throughout our lives that can lead us astray from the women we once were. We burden ourselves with guilt and pressure when we start to believe we aren't playing the role how we are supposed to.

We remedy this by pulling our true self out from the depths and nursing her back to full strength so we can go on, wearing all our different hats without faltering because our inner self has been cared for first and foremost and we move forward by setting our own expectations.

"I am forever thankful to Bluem for enabling me to take the first step in self care and time for myself, after becoming a mother. A few drops of replenishing Kakadu Plum and my skin feels like it soaks up the sun rays from yesterday's adventures and allows it to seep into my pores. Lo and behold when I wake, I greet myself in the mirror glowing."


Dani; the Capricorn. Her passion lies in the world of preserving those little magical moments in life, in capturing the true essence of the one who stands in front of her lens and opening the eyes of those who are blind to their own true beauty.

She finds comfort in change and chases the sun. Her nomadic lifestyle enables her to adventure, meet wonderful characters and most importantly she wants to use her lens, her creative mind and voice to amplify the stories, the beauty and the valuable lessons she is exposed to throughout her travels. Now she wants to share that beauty with those that have chosen a different journey or perhaps don't have the option to experience it for themselves.

For many years Dani suffered through a rare auto immune disease (juvenile dermatomyositis) that included damaging the skin, amongst other things. She was pumped with steroids and chemo for many years, as it was too late to entertain any natural remedies.

She relied for so long on chemicals and surface level remedies that it has taken a while for her to re-learn what true self care is.

"It isn't a one size fits all, no one else knows what you truly need except you, if you give your body, mind and spirit a chance to be heard. It means discovering who you are, and then the best way to care for yourself is illuminated.

After 7 years in remission, my body has finally expelled the harsh chemicals that lingered in my system and even though my skin is still sensitive, Bluem is the first natural skin treatment I have been able to use, as all other natural serums/oils I have tried, have been too harsh and damaging. I am extremely thankful for Bluem in solidifying my beliefs that the best healthcare/cures begin in nature and for providing me with that natural glow I was certain I wouldn't see again."

"So thank you!

Keep shining Bluem - we are all lights in this world and in order to shine brighter and brighter, we must continue to care for ourselves so we can in turn care for each other."

Love, Danielle & Emanuelle Bains



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