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Article: Self love & Human Design

Self love & Human Design

Created from a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, Human design is an art of self-understanding to reclaim your vitality and differentiated genius. This part science, part spirituality system gives you a blueprint of who you were born to be before the world told you who to be, and is filled with insights so you can stay connected to your most authentic self to flow through life with ease. Join us, as Greer Stening, Human Design embodiment mentor, guides us through a journey of self love, teaching us that our differences are by design.

Self love is a journey of truth + embodiment. 

It is an ever-evolving relationship; a constant communion with the question, ‘What is true, for me? 

As creatures of habit, we all do things every day from a place of reflex. Some of these things truly nourish us + others lead us further away from ourselves. 

Human Design + Astrology teach us that we are each intentionally curated by Nature for a bespoke purpose. Your differences are by design. You hold specific sensitivities, strengths + attunements for an important reason. There are things you can see, understand + do in a way that no one else can.  

Your uniqueness is a vital piece of the whole.

 And you naturally fall into the expression of your purpose when you simply embody the truth of who you are ~ however that changes, moment-to-moment.

But each of us faces the challenge of a modern culture that would ask us to be something we are not ~ in overt + subtle ways. We inherit beliefs that were never ours. We adopt practices without questioning if they are truly aligned for us, sometimes just because we see them seemingly working for others. None of us are wholly immune to conditioning because at our core, us humans are designed to be intimately connected.

Self Love is Nature’s inbuilt mechanism that calls us back into alignment with the perfect geometry she has mapped for us. She has made Self Love an essential need. When you make choices from a place of embodied Self Love, Nature affirms you through the arrival of a sustainable + nourishing energy that says ‘This is your home. Here, you thrive.’ In Human Design, we call this energy your Signature.

When the actions you take don’t carry the frequency of Self Love, they are always accompanied with disquiet + have a natural limitation before your body begins to rebel. It is so important that you listen to your body + remember that Nature’s evolutionary wisdom is always available within you ~ you can trust it ~ especially when your mind is swirling in doubts planted by others. 

Two people can perform the precise same ritual, but one can merely believe that their actions are what they should do, whilst the other can KNOW that their actions are a living prayer to their truth + their physical + spiritual vitality.

If love is an inherent force of Nature here to weave together the fabric of the Universe; a Universe that thrives in a cyclical spiral of exchange, nurturance, fertility, creation + completion, then she thrives in the presence of truth.

You too thrive in the presence of YOUR differentiated truth ~ when you own it + live it.

So look beyond the rituals + beyond the habits + with curiosity enquire:

What is the energy that lives beneath this action I am taking?

And in moments of uncertainty, return to the north star that is your wise body + seek out your Signature

~ your unique frequency of Self Love may not look like anyone else’s.

Beautiful image series and words by Greer Stening from

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