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Article: Why our Finger Lime Serum can replace your moisturiser

Why our Finger Lime Serum can replace your moisturiser

The question we get asked the most from our community after using our Finger Lime is,

“Why don’t I reach for my moisturiser as much anymore?”.

The answer is quite simple - because you have started to repair and strengthen your skin barrier. If you are experiencing dry/dehydrated skin, this means your skin barrier is damaged and struggling to retain moisture.

Think of your skin like a bucket of water - when it's damaged, there is a hole in the bucket draining out the water. Putting a moisturiser on your skin that is loaded with inactive filler ingredients is the same as pouring water into the bucket without patching up the hole.

Our Finger Lime Repair Serum works on a cellular level to rehabilitate and strengthen the skin barrier to lock in moisture, and is loaded with water soluble phyto-nutriuents which keep your skin cells hydrated. So if you find you’re reaching for your moisturiser less, this means your skin is healthier, hydrated, and more resilient.

Beautiful image series of @mickyswaves captured by @caseyskillbeckphotography


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